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Custom Wallpaper Design Services

I love the design process, and even more so when it's collaborative. This is where it gets fun!  Bring me your inspirations and wishes and we will create something that will bring you home in the best way possible.


Custom Color or Scale

Love one of the wallpaper designs but want it bigger, smaller or your custom colorway? We can do that- just ask!

Customize 'White Lake' to your own home!


The images I've selected for this design each have special significance to me; the boat house-turned-clubhouse-and-mini ceramic studio, the lilypads, the rhododendrons, the deer who destroy the rhododendrons, the thrilling bald eagle who rules the lake from his treetop perch, the golden eagle who tried to usurp him that one summer. Every part tells a story.

Let me put your stories into a design to create a wallpaper unique to you and yours.


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This is the boathouse pictured in my design. Years ago, the floor was added. Even though it's really just a janky shack plopped over the surface of the lake, there is something so magical about sitting on the edge, feet in the water, contemplating lily pads. It's my favorite spot to read and sketch.


Rhododendrons grow all over this part of the country. The blooms are delicate and short-lived, and the deer decimate them, but they are inextricably linked for me to this place.


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In dry California, ferns like these are rarely seen. Being around all the lush greenery really feeds me. It was important to me to include them in my design


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